Weekend in July – Open House Melbourne

Mark the date in your calendar if you live in Melbourne, Australia.  Open House Melbourne is an annual event held at the end of July each year where interesting buildings, both public and not, fling open their doors, round up some volunteer guides and give you a sneak-peek into what the building is about.  This has been on my ‘to do’ list for some time so this year I picked out a few interesting buildings and build a walking plan to do some city exploring on two feet.

Not my usual type of activity, but as an outer ‘burb dweller, just heading ‘into town’ can be an adventure itself.

So I explored a building I’ve always been curious about.  The Royal Society of Victoria building sitting on its own little traffic island at the top of LaTrobe Street.  One of the things it is best known for is funding and being the start of the ill-fated Burke and Wills expedition.

From here we walked to RMIT University for a completely different type of tour.  Old to new as I pondered the delights of new student spaces in this city university.

The contrast between the colonial and the modern, just from these two building.

Exploring new things, getting outdoors and ‘just get moving’ achieved on this weekend adventure.  I didn’t even get to Parliament House or that fabled ballroom at Flinders Street station.  I’ll pencil Open House Melbourne in for next year and see if I can fit in a few extra visits.


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