Camping at the Bay of Fires

Beach camping in Tasmania (if you’re not living in Tassie) seems to be a little extravagant when Victoria and the rest of Australia have such awesome beach camping that doesn’t involve 12 hours each way on a ferry or organising flights and camping gear.

Of course, some might decide to hire a campervan but that’s not for me!  I like to keep it as simple and as cheap as possible, especially for a beach camping spot where simplicity is the key.  We headed for the free camping at Cosy Corner South as recommended by a friend and the website wikicamps and were very pleased with the campsite offerings.  I did like the look of a couple of sites overlooking the lagoon that I discovered on a walk which proves that you should get out of the car and spend some time walking around the available campsites before picking one.

We were there just after New Years, so I was a little worried that we might struggle to find a site, but there were always people coming and going while we stayed there for three nights.

No Frills Camping

Drop toilets only, so be pre-warned and at a busy time of the year, this can be a little more challenging.  Bring your own supplies including water.  You do pass through St Helens on the way in to pick up supplies.  I have now added a decent capacity water container to my car camping kit to cover to make this easier.  You can have a campfire, but need to bring in your own wood.  There are a few ‘firewood for sale’ signs on the drive in so it is worth picking some up if you are staying for a few days.  Also, dog friendly which is handy for those travelling with a pooch.

What you get for these no-frills environments is a pretty camp spot with friendly fellow campers and a wonderful beach on your doorstep.  Fishing too if you are so inclined.


We did this camping pre-hike so took our packs for a day hike up and down the beach.  The beach walk is wonderful, with sand walking to strengthen the ankles and then some rock scrambling around the heads.  We could basically walk as far as we wanted, so after the pack walk, we just headed off for a casual stroll and some more rock hopping.

There are probably many other wonderful things to do in this area, but the beauty of beach camping is just being able to hang around at the beach for multiple days.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get beach weather, but I’m not complaining because we followed this up with a full week of sunshine for our Overland hike.


It’s almost addictive to snap all of the shades of colour of the sand, the rocks and the ocean.  The grey skies robbed us of the blue seas in so many of the travel snaps but I couldn’t resist adding a post just to remind myself of this wonderful part of Australia that I would include in a future Tasmania holiday adventure.

IMG_4583 (2)


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